December 17, 2011

Disrupting the Timeline

An Ancient Footprint.
Are present day humans unknowingly affecting the past timeline through a type of physics? Compelling quantum theories suggest the past, present, and future occur simultaneously, meaning that if anything is changed at a certain point time, it will alter other points in time.  If this were true, could it explain strange findings such as human evidence below lava flows, figurines and metal objects found encased in coal, sandstone and coral, fragments which look like nails and bullets in amber, and several other related anomalies?  Does quantum theory lend merit to the idea that we might be changing our past unwillingly? Fossilized foot prints were discovered in New Mexico in 1987, including a modern human print fused into Permian strata which dates between 290 to 248 million years ago, a time considered to be well before even dinosaurs existed on Earth. The creditable find was deemed problematica by mainstream science and shoved in a closet due to the fact it can not be explained by any conventional means. Photo courtesy of (Jerry MacDonald).

October 12, 2011

Planet Hunting with an iPhone

Previously mentioned, one of the citizen science projects from Zooniverse online decoding an ancient papyri, is designed to engage the public in discovery and research. Another, in the trend of crowd-sourced computing initiatives, is the Planet Hunters project. Recently, Zooniverse published information regarding two exoplanets discovered with their system, using data acquired from the Kepler telescope. The Kepler team announced the citizen discovery paper, marking the time and phase of each transit. MysteryPile did not discover either of the transits, but will keep trying! We have classified 360 galaxies since August using an iPhone app called Galaxy Zoo. The app is great to keep busy with on road trips and it's awesome to know our contributions are helping a greater cause. If you're not sure where to begin classifying star data with Galaxy Zoo.

August 18, 2011

Help Decode an Ancient Papyri

When there is a little extra time we try to contribute to Zooniverse who offers several citizen science projects online. Sifting through large amounts of data requires a large base of researchers which is made possible by very unique web software. Their latest release is a live project called Ancient Lives. In the project, researchers can scan through a 1,000 year old papyri discovered in Oxyrhynchus (Oxyrhynchon polis), the City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish. Zooniverse's goal here to is transcribe literally thousands of ancient papyri including literature, legal proceedings, unseen gospels, and the work of Plato. The software works in a specific way to allow anyone to make matches to the papyri without knowing any Greek.

August 12, 2011

Ancient Earth Mysteries

Today, the next major work in progress and a step towards completing the first phase of research. Ancient Earth Mysteries is finalizing the development phase and will be made available shortly. The book contains a majority of research information found on the site, along with further theories and new concepts. Thanks to everyone for your support along this journey!

May 30, 2011

A Living Ancient Angel Oak

The next stop on this year's road trip, a magnificent Angel Oak Tree estimated close to 1,400 years old on Johns Island in South Carolina. The Angel Oak tree has bewildered visitors for ages with an amazingly canopy and ever-reaching limbs. After this experience, visiting the Angel Oak again in the future is a must do. There is difficulty in explaining the feeling of content and awe this incredible oak tree brings, truly a blessing.

May 23, 2011

Coral Castle Visit

Continuing on the road trip, a stop at Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida. Images along with an 11 minute video tour have been added to the research article. The coral rock garden is certainly a sight to see and well worth exploring for hours, especially considering that a single man managed the feat while leaving very little evidence of exactly how he achieved it.

Georgia Guidestones Visit

A recent road trip to the Georgia Guidestones located just outside of Elberton Georgia provided an opportunity for photos and video footage. Standing in the presence of this controversial mystery monument definitely gets the mind thinking on multiple levels. Though the visit was brief, and a little off course, our group found the experience enjoyable and interesting.

May 1, 2011

Voynich Manuscript

The script written in an unknown language over 240 pages of vellum, called the Voynich Manuscript, also features several illustrations hinting at what the wording might contain. Many theories have offered suggestions to the meaning, but none have managed to decipher the contents. Could it be an almanac or did it serve a divine purpose?

April 21, 2011

Ancient Mythology & Mystical Weapons

We have a new article available discussing the theory of Euhemerism and how it might be able to help us relate ancient descriptions of weapons with their modern counterparts. Being part of ancient stories passed down generation to generation, many of the ancient weapons do not have distinguished scientific proof although some of the concepts do exist today with different (more modern) descriptions. The article is available under the site's Mystic section, or directly linked at: Ancient Mythology.

April 17, 2011

Cave of the Mounds

Natural wonders and ancient mysteries such as the Cave of the Mounds give insight into the great processes at work below the Earth's surface. This beautiful national natural landmark located near Blue Mounds, Wisconsin and open for tours all year round. If you happen to be in the area, its highly recommended to stop by for a quick tour, especially when climbing through the depths of Earth is a fun thing for you!

Keep in mind if you're going to be shooting photographs, be prepared for taking quick photos in very low light conditions. If the tour group you're with is larger, you will need to photograph quickly. The tour guides try to accommodate everyone, but when the group is larger, those stuck near the end of the group may end up with accent lighting shut off in the middle of photos.

Try to be one of the first few in the group to give yourself more time and preparation for photographs. Tripods are not allowed although there are several safety railings throughout lit areas which can be used as a makeshift substitute. Also, keep an eye out for your electronic equipment and the aptly named, Cave of Kisses. Stalactites and stalagmites are still forming in the cave and the drips often hit unexpectedly in the dark.

April 5, 2011

Video Content

Mysterypile is steadily adding video content to research articles when available and permission is granted. We're looking for video resources which provide an alternative viewpoint and a different angle of approach for ancient mysteries subjects, please let contact us if you'd like to help out.

March 30, 2011

Moving Rocks of Death Valley

Research conducted at the Racetrack Playa area in Death Valley by both NASA and students of Slipperyrock University has led to interesting theories and conclusions over strange phenomena of rocks that seem to move by themselves. At first, NASA suggests the rocks are most likely moved by strong wind gusts across the Playa with calculations stating at least 150 mph would be necessary to move the largest rocks tipping scales at nearly 700 pounds.

Photographs of some of the rocks though call this theory into question as tall or slender rocks would be blown over under those conditions.Students of Slipperyrock determined that a slope does exist across the Playa, by which the rocks may slowly move away from, but feel it is far too insignificant to affect the movement. The students also gathered research on radiation and magnetic anomaly data during the exploration process of cause elimination.

Data presented by NASA and Slipperyrock students does not encompass the entire dynamic system at work in the Death Valley region. In reference to NASA's wind theory and pictured rocks which are proportionately more vertical than girth; high wind forces against those sail-like rocks would logically cause them to tumble along the flats yet the transient path is smooth, consistent, and highly accurate in alignment to a rock surface traveling along a single face.

In reference to the students of Slipperyrock and the slope discovery; this seems to be on the right track, almost literally. Even-though the slope may appear minuscule and insignificant enough to move large rocks, it might be a positive indicator to a processes happening below the flats. Slope findings dismiss the possibility of an optical illusion where the surrounding area tricks the viewer into thinking the area is level or sloping in a different direction.

New-age theory suggests Death Valley and Racetrack Playa are part of a super-dynamic tectonic system influenced by deep area seismic activity. The entire flat plain fluctuates in a double see-saw type motion. Transients demonstrate the path relative to activity which previously took place below the surface. Like a dynamic bellows, pressure placed on one end of the plain causes another end to rise or tilt respectively. In this case the pressures are applied below ground, forcing parts of the crust to inflate and retract.

Recent slope measurements demonstrate the rocks seem to be moving in a very slow upward incline indicating the system's fluctuation has since changed. Visualization of this is thinking of the flat plain as an upside-down trampoline. When pressure excites one section of the trampoline, the object at the pressure point is forced away, similar to the rocks at Racetrack Playa. Tension differential, though, is why the rocks do not jump from one place to the next.

Instead, the rocks slide along as different tethers which push upward and then relax. This is why in certain areas large groups of rocks seem to move together while others nearby don't. Areas moving together are affected by the same tether. The entire system is composed of several independent tethers relative to the activity below. Essentially, by tectonic process in a linear fashion, pushing on one side of the valley creates enough tension to bulge areas of the surface until the opposite side shifts ever to slightly, releasing the pressure and removing the bulges.
Further scientific research suggests the rocks on the Playa may be moving by drastic temperature changes. The desert gets very hot during the day and temperatures plummet at night dramatically. Cold nights and presence of water may freeze parts of the Playa only to rapidly thaw when the sun rises. Frost heave could cause the surface to expand and move rocks along with it. Frozen water may also be a catalyst here on the surface, suggesting many rapid freezing and thawing days inch the rocks forward. For frost heave to be true, wouldn’t the ground be moving as well, and leave mounds behind instead of a completely flat surface?

March 28, 2011

MysteryPile Persona Themes

Add style to online research efforts with Mysterypile Personas themes for Firefox. Each theme is based on ancient mysteries topics and created especially for subject enthusiasts. Additional themes will be added over time as article resources continue to grow. Please contact us below if there are any specific themes desired and the request will be taken into consideration.

March 10, 2011

Strange Rain and Weather Related Phenomena

Planet Earth is constantly evolving on levels which can't always be explained in the immediate moment and sometimes explanations may take years to gain acceptance with culture and popular belief. Science continues to make leaps and bounds to decipher how things work and continuously pushes the thought process each time a new, more perplexing discovery is made. Environmental weather phenomena is one such subject that has tested science while opening the door to a slew of new discoveries. Strange rain matter, vitrified rock, and star jelly are just those odd types of examples requiring patient dedicated studies over long periods of time involving a broad spectrum of environmental factors.

February 23, 2011

Philosopher's Stone

Legends of a single substance able to transform base metals into pure gold date back to the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, written about on several occasions with the most prominent being a ninth century translation of the Kitab Sirr al-Asar.

Emerald Tablet
Although there are quite a few different translations of the alchemy process, the true seven steps to achieving the Philosopher's Stone are Calcification, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation. The first four steps are known to take place below in the physical realm of matter while the remaining three are above the physical realm, in the mind and imagination. It is theorized that Isaac Newton reached the sixth step in the process successfully while risking his life to practice dark arts.

A recent discovery uncovered another Newton manuscript on alchemy processes of the middle ages, this time encoded with astrological symbols in reference to materials used during each step. The symbols were absolutely necessary for Newton to disguise his work from the laws of the land at the time. He even spent many years as the official in charge of the British Royal Mint where he secretly obtained the works of other alchemy Philosopher Stone researchers.

Each of the astrological symbols are not entirely understood by modern scientific translation but enough data was retrieved to replicate Newton's experiments in the lab where attempts at the sixth step revealed proof as it nearly happened for modern chemists. The potential of this process brings to light a key question, what if gold could be created from any metal, would it not alter the value of gold. Suffice to say the rare value would diminish, but the value of the process would rise possibly beyond comprehension or even be destroyed for possible implications.

February 18, 2011

Devil's Bible Codex Gigas

Known as the world's largest manuscript, the Codex Gigas, or Devil's Bible is believed to be the work of a single scribe from the early twelfth century. Weighing nearly 165 lbs with roughly 320 bound parchments, or 624 pages in the original state, the Latin codex does not deviate at all from page to page and does not show any signs the scribe has aged or even altered mood throughout.

Codex Gigas contains a full version of both the Old and New Testaments excluding Acts and Revelations, Antiquities of the Jews, and The Jewish Wars.

Theories suggest such a monumental feat would take over twenty years of dedication to complete. Something that may have been considered at the time is a monk's vow of purification, to live in isolation by recluse for a long period of time allowing the spirit to speak through the scribe.

In fact, the surrounding legend of the Codex Gigas is about a monk who broke his vows and was sentenced to a slow painful death being walled up. The monk of course did not want this to happen so he promised the monastery a book of glorification in a single night, and he is said to have offered his soul to the devil knowing such a book could not be completed in one night.

The giant book is attributed to pain and suffering to those who attain it, further bolstering along with several dark illustrations, the proclaimed title of the Devil's Bible. By owner's accounts, the book is said to have caused plague, mental illness, destruction and pain. This might be a reason why eight of the 320 pages have vanished over the years.

Since there is no evidence to where the pages went or why they were removed at all, it's truly anyone's answer. Though studies have shown the Codex Gigas quite likely was a form of life-punishment to a monk who broke monastery vows, many believe that by the illustrations and legends, the giant book is physically existing evidence of a greater power.

A digitized version of the Codex Gigas is available for online browsing and examination direct from the National Library in Stockholm, which also highlights of commentaries and images associated with the translation process. 

February 12, 2011

Betelguese and Polar Shifts

Betelgeuse, a red super-giant star located in the constellation Orion between 490-780 light years from Earth, is losing mass at a rapid rate indicating it's on the brink of type II supernova. Scientific estimates place the time of supernova within the next million years, but there remains one significant issue.

Betelgeuse - Hubble
Due to the distance there is a possibility that Betelgeuse may have already went supernova centuries ago and the light has yet to reach Earth. This is coupled with other prophetic 2012 apocalyptic doomsday scenarios as another sign to the world's end, as claimed the world would have two suns for a period of time, causing up to 2 weeks of intense light 24 hours of those days then fading back to  normal day and night cycle over several months as the supernova light dwindles.

According to scientific research the only known Betelgeuse emissions, other than high levels of photons, is a high concentration of neutrinos which may be of great research value to the recent endeavors like the Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica.

A similar event to Betelgeuse supernova in terms of apocalyptic prophecy scope is potential of a polar shift event. Some researchers contend that such an event could theoretically be triggered by a distant supernova or similar cosmic energy such as the cycle of Betelgeuse.

As the Earth's magnetic field shifts, it's theorized that gaps may evolve in the magnetosphere as the process becomes chaotic before settling into its new position. According to geologists and other scientific research, the estimation for the last apocalyptic pole-flip, south to north, happened over 780,000 years ago.

Evidence suggests a cycle of pole flips nearly every 50,000 years incidentally claiming Earth is getting closer to the 16th known polar flip since the last world devastating event. A very important note here is that a polar-shift does not happen over night. It is a gradual process over a period of 4,500 to 5,000 years by some calculations.

This does not in anyway mean that one day it's beautiful and the next day is an apocalyptic storm. References to associative 2012 polar shifts often neglect to include those significant details as it tends to remove the punch from the apocalyptic theory.

One common phenomena related to polar flips as suggested by Earth weather and climate models does however include super storms with winds reaching the 300-400 mile per hour range. Recent weather changes over Europe have given rise to the super storm scenario though a change in weather patterns doesn't necessarily mean the Earth's poles must be swapping.

January 25, 2011

Ancient Source Maps

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, source maps were used by mapmakers to fill in the voids of vast undiscovered areas. These maps used to fill in the unknown gaps include depicting California as an island off the west coast of North America, the Island of Atlantis off the west coast of Europe, and even accurate outlines of Antarctica years before they were known to exist. Studies of the geological features over time, on undated source maps, suggest they date to just before the end of the ice age. In fact, some of the geological features found on these maps incidentally change the known theories for continental drift events. One example is the 1513 Piri Reis gazelle skin map which shows the northern part of Antarctica to have been mapped before it was covered in ice. The problem, though, is accurate studies prove the last known time any part of the coast was free of ice dates to around 6,000 years ago. Scientists argue that the Antarctic ice sheet is millions of years old which gives rise to the question of who was around in 4,000 BCE and capable of charting the coastline like we're only now able to do with modern technology, source maps or not.

Interpretations of ancient source maps are not limited to geological features alone. Many contain markings placing locations such as underground ancient labryrinths and other unknown mysteries. Such maps include Homer's View of Earth (900 BCE), the Turin Papyrus (1300 BCE), the Ga-Sur clay tablet map (2,500 BCE), and the World According to Hecataeus (~500-600 BCE). Of course, there are numerous other examples as some of the earliest known examples of mapping trace back to carvings dating to around 8,000 years ago. Some of these maps feature unknown drawings and locations that have given modern explorers new avenues to discover. Even more intriguing are the attempts for unearthing the very source maps which inspired the more modern maps as we know them. Studying how our ancestors moved around and the areas they discovered is proving to be as important as many of their cultural belief systems.

January 20, 2011

Electricity in Ancient Times

There are known artifacts which suggest the theoretical possibility that our ancestors were using or experimenting with electricity, and the exact purpose is not presently known. Historical records indicate that Thales of Miletus, around 624 to 546 BCE, experimented with amber and lodestone showing a precise relationship between magnetism and electrification.

The Bagdad Parthian battery, a physically existing example, dates between 250BCE and 224CE and is composed of a ceramic pot, copper cylinder and an iron rod. Theories have suggested the Parthian battery may have been used to provide a small shock or tingle as a therapeutic remedy. Naturally abundant chemicals at the time support the theory though certain skeptics claim that because the jar can't be proven to have been used as a battery, it must not be one.

Another find is the controversial Dendera Light in Egypt, fuels skeptical debate of whether or not our ancient relatives had the means to harness electricity. The Dendera Light is found on a relief in the Dendera Temple Complex and claimed to be a depiction of a Djed pillar, lotus flower and a spawning snake according to Egyptian mythology. When viewed with modern influence, the Dendera Light looks nearly identical to a Geissler Tube or Arc Lamp.

Egypt is home to several other interesting uses for copper, some of which have lead people to believe that copper wrapped pole tops may have conducted lightning or another form of electricity at one point. It's very interesting to note that some of the larger pylon-type structures outside of the Temple of Luxor do indeed look like giant torches, which may have been an amazing sight if true.

When viewed with a modern influence, the Dendera Light looks nearly identical to a Geissler Tube or an Arc Lamp. Egypt is also home to several other interesting uses for copper, some of which have lead people to believe that copper wrapped pole tops may have conducted lightning or another form of electricity at one point. It's very interesting to note that some of the larger pylon-type structures outside of the Temple of Luxor do indeed look like giant torches, which may have been an amazing sight if true.

This lends to the idea that some of the larger structures may have indeed served other purposes than what is believed at face value. One theory goes so far as explaining the Great Pyramid of Giza as a giant electric reactor. The theory claims ventilation shafts are actually giant tubes designed to pour and mix chemicals in the Queen's chamber. Even more interesting is that there is actually evidence supporting the theory.

Half-way around the world is yet another discovery in Mesoamerica at the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. Giant ninety foot square mica sheets up to twelve inches thick were uncovered between two of the upper levels and is said to have been transported there from 2,000 miles away in Brazil.

The mica was found in locations hidden from sight thereby giving the impression it was not used for decorative purposes. Mica is used in modern electronics for creating capacitors, nuclear track micro filters, and as a birefringent used in optical devices such as wave plates and light modulators. Strangely enough, two gigantic and highly polished mirrors were discovered in a chamber at the base of the Pyramid of the Sun which may relate somehow to a type of light modulation.

January 19, 2011

Pyramid Building with Wine

Last week the Post published an article explaining the discovery of a 6,000 year old wine-making operation found in an Armenian cave, predating a previous known collection found in the tomb of Egyptian King Scorpion the first. General impressions from the article lead one to believe the archaeologists were skeptical such wine-making abilities would have existed at that time.

Egyptian Step Pyramid, Djoser
The interesting thing here concerns Ancient Egypt and the Armenian cave dating. Some scholars believe hieroglyphic Egyptian writing was invented around 3,200 BCE with the first glyph being a wine press, after Shesmu, the Demon-God of the Wine Press. It is written in the Pyramid Texts that Shesmu offered the justified dead red wine to drink.

Although the Armenian discovery predates even the first literal transcripts found in Egypt by 800 years, it seems naive to think the practice of wine-making to be only 800 years older than a civilization who even went so far as deeming a God to the beverage.

In fact, a researcher named Patrick McGovern uncovered a 9,000 year old fermented drink in China's Yellow River Valley which is now giving archaeologists another line to follow instead of how our ancestors developed with breads.

Many references also display ancient workers being heavily rewarded with fermented beverages for their work which in a way might have one thinking an odd answer to why they built so large and complicated. They were drunk. Well, maybe its possible the alcohol influenced some of their building decisions and relieved some of the associated pains, but it just doesn't seem like the reasonable yet mystical explanation world researchers would agree with.

January 18, 2011

Georgia Guidestones

Elbert County Georgia is home to a mysterious structure known as the Georgia Guidestones, or American Stonehenge. The Pyramid Blue Granite stones were built by the Elberton Granite Finishing Company in 1980 per contract from an unknown individual under the pseudonym R.C. Christian, which is believed to be linked to Rosicruciansim. Ten inscriptions are found in eight difference languages on the stones along with a separate explanatory tablet providing guidelines and mention of a time capsule buried below. The stone set is orientated to mark the 18.6 year lunar declination cycle, provides a peering hole to find the North Star, aligns to the Sun solstices and equinoxes, and manages to keep track of the current day of the year by a sun ray passing through the capstone. Many interpreters have claimed the Georgia Guidestones to be one of the bigger, anonymously built modern monuments.

January 17, 2011

Miracle of the Flowers

The five-hundred year old statue of Kuan Yin, found in the Jogyesa Temple Seoul Korea, sprouted several legendary flowers attributed by Buddhists as the sign that the King of the Future has come into the world.

This is the first time in a 1,000 year history the tiny ballpoint-pen sized flowers have sprouted and blossomed in the monastery. Related to ficus, the flowers are considered divine in India, China and Japan, only believed to bloom at the time of a monumental life changing event once every 3,000 years.
Jogyesa Temple Lanterns, Gojimaster

Kuan Yin is known as one of the four great Bodhisattva, an enlightened deity who chose to stay on Earth and teach all other beings until they are also enlightened. News of the blossoming flowers first appeared around 2001 from a public press release.

Though several world changing events have happened since 2001, none have been associated with the blooming flowers. Monks and Buddhist leaders have since kept watch over the Kuan Yin statue praying and preparing for the time of change.

January 14, 2011

Microbe Discovery Rewrites History

Science is constantly uncovering fossils and artifacts that are reshaping our perception of the human species and our history. Recent discoveries such as a 400,000 year old tooth became a new mystery to paleontologists extending the known existence back another 200,000 years.

A living organism found in a tiny bubble inside a rock salt crystal dating to 35,000 years ago further demonstrates just how robust life can be. On top of that, NASA's microbe discovery of arsenic-based life at Mono Lake became an instant controversy considering what it means to the discovery of life outside of our planet.

Continuous research and development into these fields has tipped the proverbial iceberg and the results test previous theories to the brink. We have most definitely begun the journey down the rabbit hole, with each new discovery requiring a change in thinking and explanation.

Society has become conditioned and accustomed to accepting scientific theory to be scientific fact and when the theories need revisions, it sometimes appears though science has been wrong all along. Without theorizing over the possibilities of life and our existence, any of these discoveries could not be possible. This new era is indeed a very exciting time, begging those with keen interests to want to know more.

January 13, 2011

Ancient Mysteries and DNA

Some may consider the subject matter in ancient mysteries research to be off-the-wall concepts loosely based on preconceived notion. It's important to remember that topics, aside from a few on popular legend, are strictly based on physically existing evidence in both the form of objects large and small and cross-references in historical record.

B-DNA, Mauroesguerroto
Physical evidence is then presented and left for the interpreter to decide how they feel about it, which is what makes a lot of these phenomena a mystery.

Subject matter includes relics and structures theorized to have research available for 5% of what archaeologists and scientists believe may exist.  Very similar to sequencing the genome, only around 5% to has a known purpose as genes.

The remaining 95% appears to be non-coding DNA junk, and as it were some think the non-coding DNA junk may have been added by some other means.

For either situation scientists can only work with the materials they have and speculate about the purpose of the rest until that too is uncovered. The research and study isn't contingent on events purposed to have happened or events speculated to might happen, its purely drawn from the physical evidence seen throughout the world.

A lot of highly distracting paranoid conspiracy theories have been intermingled with the subject matter, probably because its a natural psychological reaction for mass populations. Until the fabricated ideas are separated from the actual facts, perceptions will remain as they are. Earth has a rich trove of ancient history that cannot be denied and our ancestors deserve a little more credit than the primitive labels stuck on them.

January 12, 2011

Moving Rocks of Death Valley

The subject of moving rocks in Death Valley was brought up recently and happened to inspire an idea. One video found on YouTube and often associated with webpages discussing the phenomena distinctly shows the rare occurrence of water crawling across the valley floor suggesting water may indeed be a catalyst coupled with wind currents. The problem is that nobody has ever seen the rocks physically move though Paula Messina tracked several rocks using GPS to determine their tracks.

Geologists have pinpointed a location suggested to be the starting point for most of the rocks and the GPS map observation from Paula shows several rocks moving away from one area. Couple this with Death Valley being the location of the lowest point in the United States, MysteryPile's theory states that there is a slight decline in elevation, enough for the rocks to slide, leaving trails behind from their last point. We believe the answer might be as simple as an accurate land survey grabbing a line of sight from the rock face believed to be of origin, and the ending points for current rocks in position. The angle of elevation may be moderate enough that it tricks the human eye while catering to the mass in rock. The creeping water definitely suggests a slope of some type which may soften the surface allowing the rocks to move easier. Another twist to this theory involves the entire Death Valley "race-track" area moving in a very slow and casual double sea-saw type motion where the rock origin end lifts enough, causing rocks to break free and fall to the valley floor while shifting existing rocks.

Together, these ideas may answer why rocks closer to each other may take on different paths as their masses differ slightly enough to change their trajectory during tilting or expending their potential energies over a steady decline in slope. Combine the land survey results from the origin and then from rock to rock with the overhead GPS positioning and a three dimensional picture evolves, possibly one describing more about the geological processes happening under Death Valley.

January 11, 2011

Number Connections - 11,11

Today, a little research on 11,11 occurrences resulted in quite a few fingers pointing to the upcoming date in November of this year. There are newer theories relating to the Mayan calendar actually ending on Dec 24th 2011, and the 2012 notion previously considered correct has dwindled to those specific believers.

When the news of the Mayan calendar hit the media in full force, the idea of an end cycle in 2012 was etched into millions of minds. The only way that original date may change, to those people, is after the moment 2012 has passed and 13 begins.

Superstitions regarding number sequences are not unusual and have been around for ages. Some people think if the 11,11 sequence is witnessed on a clock means someone you know is thinking about you. Others believe the 11,11's are reminders and wake-up calls from 1,111 spirit guardians protecting the Earth.

Yesterday was 01-10-11 which does play on the 11,11 sequence and also happens to be when NASA discovered a strange green "blob" with the Hubble Telescope. Titled Hanny's Voorwerp, a purposed planet breeder, the 300,000 light year long gas cloud with a core believed to be a black hole. The discovery is definitely an oddity by NASA standards which may lead many to believe it to be key knowledge to future events.

January 10, 2011

Website now Live

Exploring mysteries of world heritage and ancient cultures. The body of research is now available online, organized into subcategories, with media added.