February 15, 2012

Quantum Physics & Philosophical Thinking

A recent hot topic emerging in several online social groups deals with the idea of quantum physics and its tie to deep philosophical thinking. Mankind's next leap might be a journey into the mind instead of space travel as some SciFi gurus maintain as the next logical step in current technological evolution. Breakthroughs in thought-sciences and new philosophical thinking is beginning to change the way the world is perceived. Here is a quote from J.C. Vintner on the matter.

"The question of life is the biggest one of all and it's a wise decision to begin to look inward to understand ourselves to the fullest extent possible before we discover a distant civilization toying with technologies beyond our current capabilities. Until such an event occurs involving the discovery of life on another planet, solar system, galaxy, or even universe, it is probably best to understand just what we know and what that knowledge equates to. While walking a fine, delicate line, we must understand our position in the greater scheme of existence and the gravity of our thoughts. Everyone has philosophical capabilities, they just need to believe and the rest will be created."