December 1, 2013

Aztecs & Elements of Existence

Tletl, Ehekatl, Atl, and Tlalli, the Four Elements
4-Elements by J.C. Vintner

An ancient Aztec mythology, The Five Suns, follows along the same concept of four cardinal elements and four cardinal directions, though the directions in this case refer to the outcome of world eras. The first era under the Jaguar Sun, Nahui Ocelotl, animals on the planet were giants and devoured by jaguars. Interestingly, well known historical record tells us giant animals did once roam the planet as dinosaurs. Did Jaguars kill them? As in the Jaguar sense as Quetzalcoatl, who then became worshiped and revered by man for being saved?

During the era of the Wind Sun, Nahui Ehecatl, people became monkeys as the world was destroyed by hurricanes and tropical storms; This may be referring to a drastic change at the end of an ice age as global temperatures warm to create unstable violent weather patterns. In the era of the Rain Sun, Nahui Quiahuitl, life on Earth was destroyed by raining fire and all those who survived were birds, or became birds in order to survive. Perhaps the Rain sun could be translated as Fiery Sun, by the sounds of a super volcano eruption, or asteroid impact fire and brimstone fallout reaching the ends of the Earth. During the Water Sun, Nahui Atl, life on Earth became fish as the world perished in a great flood; As with legends in Sumerian texts and the Bible. The fifth sun, or Earthquake Sun, Nahui Ollin, is the current era in a time believed to be destroyed by earthquakes; This remains to be witnessed.

In ancient Aztec codices, Ometeotl is believed by some scholars as the supreme creator of Aztecs through translation, as a god of duality both male and female commonly known as Tonacatecuhtli and Tonacacihuatl, born out of the nothingness of space to create the universe. From Ometeotl, the four cardinal directions were established, each with a god to keep watch over. In the North, Tezcatlipoca, god of judgment, night, and sorcery, represented by the color Black. To the east, Xipe Totec, god of gold, farming, and spring, represented by the color Red. To the south, Huitzilopochtli, the god of war, represented by the color Blue. To the west, Quetzalcoatl, the god of light, mercy, and wind, represented by the color White. In Nahuatl language, Tletl the Fire, Ehekatl the Wind or Air, Atl the Water, and Tlalli the Earth represent Tiahuizlampa to the East, Mictlampa  to the North, Huitzlampa to the South, and Cihuatlampa to the West respectively.

Tletl, the element of Fire.
Tletl, element of Fire
Tletl is an element of power, the seeds of creation, and the direction of light and illumination. In nature, life grows from the aftermath of fire's destruction, fire creates and shapes existence. Fusion inside the sun converts Hydrogen to Helium nuclei which provides heat and light in the form of radiation bombarding Earth's atmosphere continuously. Mankind's evolution is by in part a result of the giant fiery sphere warming our planet. Egyptians undoubtedly recognized the importance of fire. A bringer of life as Seth, or Set. This is also evident in the channeling of RA, proclaiming the beginning of a grand cycle of life as fire and wind affect Earth and water in the First Density, to bring forth a Second Density as creation of all animals and plants. Fire is the Navel Chakra, Manipura in Buddhism and in Hinduism, Agni. In astrology, Fire is associated with Mars, and in the Zodiac with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
Ehekatl, the element of Wind.
Ehekatl, element of Air
Ehekatl is an element of freedom in the direction of elders, ancestors, and the spirit world. Wind resides as a place of rest, transformation, wisdom, reflection and communication. It is the great element of Mobility, capable of destruction, but also a bringer of life. Wind helps distribute seeds and pollen, allowing plants to reproduce, while providing necessary gas for animals, plants, and humans to breathe. Earth's atmosphere is a blanket of air protecting life from harsh radiation emitted from the cosmos. Ancient ancestors, elders, and occupants of the spirit world are able to travel through air and take on the form of wind; This might be a plausible explanation of why ghosts and spirits are believed to have air-like qualities and abilities. Air or Wind is known as Heru or Horus in Egyptian, the Heart Chakra, Anahata in Buddhism and in Hinduism, Marut. In the Zodiac, Air is associated with Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
Atl, the element of Water.
Atl, element of Water
Atl is an element of change in the direction of youth, renewal, cleansing, and perseverance. Water is the great element of Fluidity and a vital resource for the existence of life. In many cultures, water is part of a sacred process of purification by which the body is cleansed. It is a source of nourishment for all living beings, capable of revitalizing the spirit, wakening consciousness, and reflecting the soul by meditative scrying in divination. Many scholars agree it is mankind's ability to control water flow through aqueduct, cistern, irrigation, and sewage systems that set the foundation for great technological advances in human history. Water is known as Ausar or Osiris in Egyptian, the Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana in Buddhism, and in Hinduism, Jala. In the Zodiac, Water is associated with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
Tlalli, the element of Earth.
Tlalli, element of Earth
Tlalli is an element of substance in the direction of intuitiveness, materialization, and mystery. It is the great element of Solidity, representing fertility of female energy, nurturing all of life, known as Mother Earth. Life is a combination of the four cardinal elements. Humans live upon it, transforming rock into materials for survival and a further understanding of their existence. Plants and animals find nourishment from minerals in soil; mankind utilizes the ground to cultivate food; It is a stable foundation from which life is built. The planet is perplexing under certain light, only then compounded by mankind's ability to construct marvelously mysterious monuments out of it. Physical creation is born of Earth and returned to it; Though, spiritual energy may pass through or with other elements in the cosmos. Earth is known as Auset or Isis in Egyptian, the Root Chakra, Muladhara in Buddhism, and in Hinduism, Kshiti. In the Zodiac, Earth is associated with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.