November 15, 2015

Connecting Ancient Sites and Cultures

An interesting fascination exists among ancient mysteries researchers, a fascination to connect all ancient sites and artifacts together in some way, imposing perhaps these sites and artifacts all work in conjunction to some degree. It’s not unusual to look at certain mysteries and quickly draw a link between two entirely different parts of the world, because in essence, the link is mostly already provided to us as people and our history. Establishing a link between two distant civilizations is not as simple as identifying similarities in the cultures at face value. In the theory of probability, the chance of two cultures arriving at the same conclusion or using similar building techniques for certain achievements is not out of the ordinary. Take for instance, the matters which are used to reach engineering goals and realize those concepts, they stem from the same basic hard-coded instruction set every human is equipped with from the moment of birth.

For example, how many ancient civilizations independently reached the conclusion and conceptualized a method for traveling across water? This is an important observation as it clearly shows the realized goal, reached by many ancient cultures that may have or may not have been in contact with each other prior to discovering a raft or boat. A simplest, predominate example of this is, native populations in North America dugout logs to make ke’nu long before the Spanish or other cultures arrived by boat. The principal of buoyancy remains a constant, and independent cultures realized a way to overcome it, entirely without a direct influence. This tells us, at basic level, that principal concepts are achievable when utilizing core instruction sets of human ingenuity.

Machu Picchu's Vantage Point
Then, visualizing connections between ancient cultures over vast distances, abides by mathematical principals of the universe. When given a specific set of instructions, there are a number of possible outcomes, with some more likely to take hold than others. Another example of this is shelter. Our ancestors understood that in order to survive, building structures to protect from the elements are absolutely necessary. Many different types of structures result from thousands of years of engineering, and the shelters which share similar concepts have proved to be the most successful over time. Different cultures arrive at this conclusion in different ways, but are effective nonetheless.

The same holds true for vantage points and communication. Height provides the advantage of seeing threats in the distance and an effective means of communication enables strategic knowledge to overcome situations. There is no surprise in thinking ancient cultures built specific structures with height as a vantage point. Constructing pyramids, for example here, mimic natural landscapes and provide an unobstructed view into the distance. This key advantage enabled cultures to see where the enemies might be coming from and it also creates a means of communication. From on top of a pyramid, fire signals can be used to communicate over substantial distances. The pyramid form we find around the world today may actually and simply be a result of the most optimal and successful way to achieve these purposes with readily available resources, and hence why the shape became a somewhat common structure across multiple civilizations.

July 31, 2015

Seers Predicting the Future

For many thousands of years mankind has sought ways to predict the future, and an unprecedented amount of people around the world today believe in the possibility. From our ancient ancestors to the present day society, numerous methods of prediction tempt non-believers into thinking there truly is a higher level of insight into the future. Is it really possible to predict the future? This is a loaded question often met with scrutiny with a common retort implying that if so, then miracles should be possible. Perhaps however, this is the caveat which comes with attempting predictions, that only so much knowledge may be gained. Degree of accuracy varies greatly from method to method and those omens which appear to be eerily on point are often dismissed rationally as coincidence.

Fascination for developing ways to see into the future dates back to our great ancestors. Inspiration for this could be hard-wired into the brain as a form of anticipation, a glorified intuition utilized for critical survival in dire situations. For example, a developed understanding of animal behavior might have tricked early humans into thinking they're predicting the outcome of a situation, although it was a response conditioned from repetitive trial and error. Incidentally, knowledge from this could easily be applied to other aspects of daily life, and it seems that knowledge is the key to soothsaying.

Some ancient prediction practices are still utilized today on a daily basis, though now backed by scientific understanding such as weather forecasting by weeks, months, and seasons. When a number of conditions are met, and key characteristics define the result, a prediction outlining possible outcome is made. There is a common phrase stating that nature is unpredictable, given its ability to present unforeseen conditions in a moment's notice, but forecasting attempts to provide the most likely outcome based on those same factors affecting early humans as responses conditioned from weather patterns and collected environment data, much like chaos theory finding a curve that best fits.

Early man tracked the sun and lunar cycle each day, learning eventually how the position and length of time in the sky affects the seasons. Predicting changing seasons blessed farmers with knowledge on when to plant and harvest crops. Over time, mankind's connection to the stars strengthened, and the heavens above became another method for understanding the future in a different way. Then, with a better understanding of the cosmos, Astrology offered a concept that positions of star systems in the night sky in proximity to each other are capable of affecting energy on the Earth's surface, demonstrating a person's deep desire to know his or her own future. What can be expected next, or rather, how do we anticipate events to come before they happen?

Famous, well-known seers like Nostradamus and Cayce brought prophecies to the masses through unique methods involving a dream-like state to reveal information about future events. Although cryptic, the practice is quite similar to those mentioned in Norse and Greek mythologies, whereby forbidden knowledge became accessible through meditation, trance, and partaking in sacred substances. Understanding the meaning of natural dreams continuously fascinates mankind, and the concept of dreams coming true portrays a role of prophetic importance on daily life. A few historical accounts of our ancient ancestors do tend to indicate this, as seers having life-changing dreams or entering trance-like states inducing a capability of predicting future events. Who will be the next oracle to impress upon the world?

Using dreams, star charts, numbers, cards, and cycles of history are often associated with foretelling events. Finite conditions are fixed to the medium used to predict the outcome, so to the seer it is not a surprise of what the medium speaks, but instead a surprise to the onlooker. Seeding of the conditions during the events may subliminally turn predictions into self-fulling prophecies, and it's wise to err on the side of caution in deciphering if the message is truly one of sincerity or one devised for personal gain.

Quite possibly the greatest secret of any seer who predicts the outcome of events with astonishing accuracy, is an intricate and sophisticated understanding of existence beyond what science may see as humanly plausible. However days ahead unravel, it is certain some of those foretelling the future share a gift which is difficult to explain and often dismissed. It's important to understand the implications of being able to predict our own futures, but maybe our futures are simply responsive and reactionary to preceding events considering the inherent paradox otherwise. Then perhaps, prophecy is different altogether as a connection to a library of universal knowledge, access to things we're meant to know, ultimately designed to perpetuate forward momentum of intelligent life on Earth.

May 7, 2015

Crop Circle Phenomena

At first glance, one might see crop circles as a modern phenomena, when in fact sightings of these mysterious designs date back many hundreds of years ago. The earliest known reports are documented from the ninth and twelfth centuries, well before complexities leave impressions seemingly at random in today's in farm fields across the world. Early reports described flattened crops in oval and circular ring patterns, sometimes similar to natural phenomena such as fungus rings on a much larger scale. The mystery of modern patterns however, tend to indicate a form of intelligence is behind their design, though the purpose is not clear.

One popular theory proposes crop circles are actually cryptic forms of an alien communication, that an otherworldly intelligence is attempting to establish contact with the human race by means of large mathematical pictographs temporarily etched into the countryside. Suggesting crop circles are alien messages fulfills a level of convenience to fringe UFO researchers, as a secondary form of evidence, perhaps a physical representation corroborating existence of unidentified flying objects with undeniable imagery.

Windmill Hill Circle (2009)
The association of crop circles to unidentified flying objects is possibly made as an innocent explanation for why UFO sightings occur, placing aliens as non-threatening beings and implying no direct harm to the human species; communicate first, then form action based on the gained knowledge respective to said communication. With this, a secondary concept is easier to believe, to say an alien race is here studying mankind; further to the point, it's merely curiosity and will move on without interfering with daily human life.

Formations randomly appearing in farm fields demonstrating a mathematical form of intelligence have long been accepted as crop circles, and the term itself manages to explain these complexities as simple as possible. The geometric designs principally incorporate circular shapes, or are built upon a circular base. Without the true purpose of crop circles clearly defined, perhaps a more accurate terminology is UGF, or unidentified ground formations; to embody the phenomena as a whole.

Yes, there are many documented cases of individuals and groups creating crop circles as a form of publicly displayed artwork on a grand scale with innocent intentions. There are a few cases as well, whereby the circles are created to prove a more malicious point, as attempts to prove all circles must be hoaxed if said example is. Or possibly, man-made circles are actually mimicking messages from a much larger design. In these scenarios we are faced with confusion between what is real and what is man-made. A larger number of crop formations, however, are indeed unexplained and fuel scientific curiosities with highly sophisticated and complex mathematical designs. The caveat here to keep in mind is, that it's difficult to rule a sophisticated crop circle as otherworldly given the intelligence of mankind and advances in technology.

How are crop circles made?
Eastfield Circle (2008)

Exactly how an amazing crop circle is created continues to be a significant factor in understanding the mystery. Complex geometrical patterns are effective at defying logic and establishing an alternative intelligence might be involved. One known method of making crop circles involves wooden planks, ropes, and an army of people certainly are capable of flattening crops into circular designs and patterns with a predetermined goal planned out and coordinated beforehand.

Aside from the rope and board method, there is another theory which demonstrates the possibility of human intervention to create crop circles. The use of specialized equipment carried by high altitude experimental aircraft or even possibly satellite technologies. This theory states that altering air pressure at the ground level from an advanced external source may be leveraged to create shapes and patterns on Earth with subsonic audio frequency waves. Perhaps the theory also explains sightings of UFO's in conjunction with the appearance of new circles, as this pressure wave travels through the atmosphere to and from a target point resulting in an optical illusion, as balls of light and disc shaped rings.

Using air pressure to form circular patterns is similar to other theories of origin, such as natural wind and electromagnetic currents congregating in specific areas to create the shapes later witnessed. The idea of natural phenomena creating fractal shapes is not unusual, and in fact these types of patterns are found commonly in flowers and in the formation of metals and crystals. Yet, by human interpretation, crop circles tend to lean toward intentional patterns more than natural phenomena.

Research examining soil and biological matter uncovers even further mystery which for the time being seems to lend merit to the otherworldly source theory. In some instances, the crops appear to be genetically modified and contain trace elements not found in the surrounding area outside of the circle. Combine this with sophisticated geometric designs and it's understandable to think an alternative source might be responsible.

March 24, 2015

Eden and the Burning Bush

In life, we are given signs to help lead us on our way through the best, and worst of times. We can always forgive for mistakes if we choose, and learning from those mistakes helps us grow into refined beings of spiritual significance. From the beginning of life, we are loaned character, identity, and principal understanding as an acquired knowledge transcending generation after generation. Part of our primal knowledge may be attained from the very energy first flowing through cells in union before division, the same process igniting our genetic code into replication overdrive.

We divide from conception into a world populated with organisms who followed the same process, who traveled along a path to light in order to take that first breath of oxygen. From there, further knowledge about the world around us is attained in droves while on a path to consciousness awakening, and conscious memory begins to influence personal controls. While growing with new understanding, life subjects everyone to a variety of situations from both difficult and stressful to pleasant and provocative. In these moments adaptation is learned, and for some, a belief beyond physical self in a quest to find answers of why we exist.

With tendency to combine realms of spirituality and scientific understanding, one theoretical question of our existence comes from the book of Genesis. In the Garden of Eden, a flaming sword turning in every which way intentionally kept Adam away from the Tree of Life. Now is he forbidden from the tree in moral principal, or is there possibly a literal identification which physically prohibited Adam from getting too close? For example, the rosette Bromeliad Vriesea splendens, also known literally as a Flaming Sword plant. This particular plant is naturally found in Venezuela and Suriname, far from the Biblical cradle of life's location today.

Bourdon Sebastien, Burning Bush

Further correlation here comes from the Book of Exodus and the burning bush. Some believe Moses must have been hallucinating to claim he witnessed both a bush on fire without being consumed, and the ghostly apparition of god inside it. There exists such a bush, which catches on fire in hot weather, known as the Dictamnus albus, and certain varieties are indeed found in the Mediterranean area. Could this be the burning bush Moses speaks of, and is it possible god presented himself through the heat distortion effect emitted from the burning bush? If Moses recorded events based truly on a real plant, then what about the Flaming Sword, and the Tree of Life for that matter?

Dictamnus can be found roughly in the same area where Moses claimed to see god, and there are at least two potential ways the Flaming Sword native to Venezuela could be placed partway around the world into the Biblical cradle. One, trading between South American cultures and Egyptians as evident by remnants of psychoactive substances along with plants and artifacts native to South America discovered in Egyptian tombs. Evidence loosely creates a link between the two distant continents though hasn't provided solid proof. The idea is not far off Columbus introducing another Bromeliad species to Spain around 500 years ago, the pineapple.

The second theory suggests something fairly startling with a rather large time factor involved. Around 237 million years ago in the Early Triassic, Venezuela and Suriname were located right on the edge of Africa as Earth's landmass clumped together as Pangea. If a similar Flaming Sword variety of Bromeliad existed at this time, and spanned into northern Africa, could it be what Genesis talked of in Eden?

March 12, 2015

Sightings of Ancient UFO's

Over the past decade researchers trying to get to the bottom of UFO sightings have reported an overall increase world-wide. There are many contributing factors supporting this information aside from the distinct correlation that plainly there are more UFOs to be sighted. Consider the growth in the field for one instant, the shear number explosion of investigators, hobbyists, and those paying a little closer attention to the skies above. With a much larger array of trained spotters, it's common sense to say the number of sightings would elevate, at least to a notable point.

Agencies such as MUFON are finally gaining recognition for their accomplishments as more visitors seek to pour over the materials found in their database. Global phenomena like unidentified flying objects have swept the world by filling coherent reports by observers who have never communicated with each other. A similar phenomena exists in case reports studied by psychologists, of alien visitations, which uniformly describe the same experience from person to person although those people have never been in contact with each other.  

Of course, UFO sightings are a little different in the respect that the object can be witnessed by hundreds, if not thousands, at the same time. Lack of physical evidence and Earthly explanations often quickly dismiss claims especially when they're founded by individuals who appear discreditable or who have maintained states of panic while regurgitating their experience.  A fabled fish has limitless size potential. The major mystery and clear turning point though is when stories remain consistent in every detail even with the most obscure points, while sharing a common ground with many other reports.

Mass sightings with complete coherent reports track back hundreds of years before the time of electronics and modern mass communication. One such example cites a flying disc shaped object traveling from Scotland, over Europe and into Asia. The sighting is well documented in woodcuts and gazettes from several towns who's only lines of communication were foot travel or by horse during the Dark Ages. In fact, dates on the news reports are close enough together that either gossip by foot or by horse would not have traveled fast enough. Also, many of the countries were at war. Why would any individual risk crossing into enemy territory to tell someone there about seeing a strange object in the sky?

Shield sighting from Annales Laurissense
Shield sighting from Annales Laurissense
The question doesn't end in the Dark Ages though several sightings during the period, in a heightened time of unrest and violence, do have similar descriptive terms. Fire in the sky burning and spinning. Revolving wheel or round barrel of flame. Long fiery beam, pile of fire the size of a small boat, dark object making a sound like a wheel, shaped like a drum and came from the sea. 

The execution of Nichiren, for example, was aborted as the executioner panicked and ran when he witnessed an object in the sky like a full moon suddenly appear. As well, the Japanese are first credited to the term "flying saucer" after a sighting in 1180CE describing a flying earthenware vessel leaving a luminous trail. As time traces further back, descriptions tend to remain similar in style but use different terms such as a flying globe of fire and circular shield in the sky. Even so far back into written history around 1450BCE where the annals of Thutmose III talking of circles of fire coming from the sky brighter than the brightness of the sun.

Of course one could easily attribute the more ancient UFO sightings to be nothing more than meteorites crashing to Earth, which do indeed fit the some descriptions. Celestial body movements and falling stars best explain a few of the accounts, but do not provide an accurate explanation for other events like the Nuremberg sky battle in which it's reported the objects were fighting with each other, so evident the onlookers could tell who was winning and who was losing. 

Another example is an account from Emperor Theodosius around 390CE describing a brilliant glowing orb in the sky with a great number of other glowing orbs drawing near the larger one, almost as if they were being pulled in. Theodosius claimed the spectacle to be like a swarm of bees flying around a bee-keeper until they blended together as one, becoming as bright to the eye as a double-edged sword. In fact, there are quite a few ancient UFO sightings that dismiss the comet or meteor theory altogether due to the irregular activity of the object, moving in such ways that a meteor is not capable of.