March 17, 2013

Figures of Sitio Barriles

Barriles female breastfeeding.
There is an unspoken code amongst ancient mysteries researchers in the pursuit of truth of mankind's past. It's one of honor and respect, to be open to new ideas and concepts, to be accepting of the fact history books may need to be rewritten. An incredible wealth of general research is performed around the world on a daily basis which lends to us the suggestion of something more, something beyond anything history has taught civilizations throughout the ages. Archaeology and studies of human history only recently found shape within the last couple hundred years; Is it possible we perceive gaps in our history simply because these fields of research are new in the timeline due to the fact we just haven't yet found the correct knowledge to fill them in?

Eagle head, serpent, frog, or alien?
Recently found locations such as Sitio Barriles  (the site of barrels BU-24) in Panama are great examples of ancient civilizations modern archaeology knows very little of. Carbon dating suggests the site to be anywhere from 2,600 to 600 years old and hints of who inhabited the area have been discovered. The area was first studied in the 1940's although findings of the time were not published conclusively. Artifacts found here are suggested by some archaeologists to depict deities with an eagle head, but upon further examination they appear to be something more.

Figurines and pottery found embedded into rock-sides suggest the site was used for ceremonial purposes due to ash remains found in vessels believed to be used for cremation. Characteristics of Barriles pottery and figures show a distinct Central American influence, it's sometimes thought the culture(s) who inhabited the area descended from the Maya or Inca. After many years of study, whomever lived at Sitio Barriles hundreds of years ago remains a mystery.

It's interesting to note several glyph-type carvings found throughout the area which appear to be primitive in nature, theoretically act as a type of road map to help whoever once lived there find their way around the area. The drawings take on serpent-like forms, some say to show twisting, winding paths throughout the site. When simply looking at these findings one can't help but notice the 'eagle' headed figures look more lizard, amphibian, or serpent in nature which coincides with navigation rock paintings scattered around the site. These deities definitely take on a strange  alien-like appearance. Sitio Barriles is another example of a mysterious location we know little about yet it features artifacts that tell us another, unknown ancient culture believed in hybrid deities, enough to depict them throughout the majority of remains discovered at the site.