July 31, 2012

44,000 Year Old San Material Culture

Bone artifacts reminiscent of the San bush people were discovered in an African cave, further solidifying a link between modern human behavior and that of the San hunter-gatherer ancestors nearly 44,000 years ago. 

One tool in specific, a poison applicator, marks a distinct change in cultural behavior by a surge in use of organic materials. Although evidence does exist of specialized stone work dating about 75,000 years ago, those artifacts are difficult to decipher and have yet to provide a link similar to the poison applicator tools recently reanalyzed.
The abstract discussing these finds can be found at: PNAS San Material Culture

July 26, 2012

Perception is Truth

In today's modern world it's easy to lose touch with nature and our deep connection with the universe. Interactive cell phones and tablets have many people keeping their heads pointing downward, missing beauty as it's created in the heavens above, but during the same time electronic devices are teaching people about nature, albeit ironic. Life strives to keep balance and this subtle connection between mankind, technology, and the environment is consistently reinforcing nature’s principal objective.

Understanding who we are and why we’re here is always a perplexing task. At certain levels this question smells deeply of paradox, where any pure and true answer will instantaneously pop us out of existence or severely alter the reality of others. The more we learn, the more questions we find. In fact, questions are an effect of the cause in this case, which constantly succeed in masking the true reality of life.

Perception is truth. How we see and make sense of reality is true to us and to our spiritual being. Without a connection between our minds and souls, the universe finds difficulty in communicating to us directly and it must struggle to rearrange events in life in order to clarify nature’s message. There is a deep connection between us and the universe beginning with the mind, body, and soul.

Maybe our existence, both spiritually and physically, is entirely by design as part of an everlasting cycle of energy. Perhaps seeking the truth about who we are is redundant in the sense that we already know through our own metaphysical presence. We must choose to accept reality as we perceive it and move on spiritually to the next level, to obtain a higher consciousness, interconnecting ourselves directly to our own subconscious realms.