About Us

Researching our past for hidden truth and attempting to explain the unexplained is a daunting task faced with many layers of investigation. Every angle of a historical topic must be examined and scrutinized for creditability. Every fact needs to be checked from multiple perspectives, driven by scientific method, producing tangible and repeatable evidence with logical explanation. The process means leaving bias at the door while saving opinions for a different floor. It is always important to do your own due diligence, to research topics thoroughly and gather input from colleagues who are experts in respective fields. Look at different subjects optimistically, recognize potential in a plausible explanation, but to remain skeptical enough to rule out unsupported documentation that ultimately clouds the issue while breeding controversy within respected communities. 

Ancient Mysteries Blog seeks out new information ritualistically to present and share with communities around the world by means of insightful articles. 

As researchers, we are persistently encouraged to keep searching, to keep digging for those unknown parts of our history that need further explanation. Written record only extends so far, and it contains many questions, so it is up to us to ask more questions to find more answers. To build a complete, accurate picture of our ancestors and where we came from. We know a lot about human history, but every day new discoveries are proving that we've merely scratched the surface of what there is to know about mankind. Exploring these mysteries means maintaining an open mind, documenting the evidence, and having the findings assessed by multiple researchers with a variety of backgrounds. By combining as many scientific and religious disciplines as possible, we may one day thoroughly understand who we are as humans living in the vast cosmos.

Information on this blog is made possible by research from MysteryPile researchers.