January 11, 2011

Number Connections - 11,11

Today, a little research on 11,11 occurrences resulted in quite a few fingers pointing to the upcoming date in November of this year. There are newer theories relating to the Mayan calendar actually ending on Dec 24th 2011, and the 2012 notion previously considered correct has dwindled to those specific believers.

When the news of the Mayan calendar hit the media in full force, the idea of an end cycle in 2012 was etched into millions of minds. The only way that original date may change, to those people, is after the moment 2012 has passed and 13 begins.

Superstitions regarding number sequences are not unusual and have been around for ages. Some people think if the 11,11 sequence is witnessed on a clock means someone you know is thinking about you. Others believe the 11,11's are reminders and wake-up calls from 1,111 spirit guardians protecting the Earth.

Yesterday was 01-10-11 which does play on the 11,11 sequence and also happens to be when NASA discovered a strange green "blob" with the Hubble Telescope. Titled Hanny's Voorwerp, a purposed planet breeder, the 300,000 light year long gas cloud with a core believed to be a black hole. The discovery is definitely an oddity by NASA standards which may lead many to believe it to be key knowledge to future events.