December 21, 2012

Tribute to Our Ancestors

Today marks a 5125 year period of the Mayan calendar, a time of a new era in the pages of human history. The planet has changed, both in society and the environment, blazing the trail for a great spiritual awakening. Technological advancements in the past 200 years have opened the flood gates for information exchange on an unprecedented scale.

We are slowly nudging closer to a global consciousness and becoming an integral part of the universal mind. In the future we may look back at this day, at the inspiration and perseverance of our ancient ancestors and give thanks for their efforts to revolutionize existence. We have learned so much about ourselves by looking at the past and there is much more to learn as time presses forward. In the positive future, we will become humble and patient, knowing our current efforts have changed future generations just as our ancestors did for us.

December 5, 2012

Ancient Map Discovery

Contemplation of the day: 

Discovery of an interesting phenomena in an ancient world map. When the world map is mirrored and lined up like a Masonic mirror, a strange figure appears below the frame where the outside globe edges intersect, a figure that appears similar to Dogu in nature. Could it be a hidden reference as sometimes ancient charts held, or is it just a coincidence? This was discovered while creating a banner image for the sub-Reddit.

World map, Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica AC Hydrographica Tabula. Mercator, Gerhard; 1512-1594; Hondius, Henricu

December 3, 2012

2012 Doomsday, Apocalypse, or a New Age?

Mayan Calendar Doomsday 2012
Mayan Calendar
Is it really a doomsday apocalypse, or just a pure movement into a new age of peace? As the Hopi speak of Blue Kachina, and the world awaits the fate of the Mayan Calendar, you can join everyone in an Earth-wide celebration of a new era.  Many believe the calendar marks the end of times, but many also believe it marks the coming of a new age in a historic time of change. Join the event to commemorate an ending of the Mayan calendar 5,000 year period.

October 29, 2012

Ancient Atomic Vitrification

Vitrification is a phenomenon evident in deserts around the world, often believed to result from an intense blast of heat capable of melting sand and rocks to create glass-infused crust. Usually these types of blasts are attributed to meteor explosions just above the Earth's surface, given the right circumstances, although any such blast has not been observed first-hand. We also know vitrified glass can be the result of lightning striking sandy areas to create fulgurite root-shaped tube deposits of fused silica quartz, a very different looking vitrification when compared to vast areas encrusted in layers of glass. Some researchers now believe large areas of desert glass may be connected with ancient bomb testing or wars, and that the invention of the atomic bomb might have happened well before the modern age. 

Atom Vitrification PhenomenonThere are references to nuclear type events in ancient texts such as the Mahabharata, describing large explosive events with similar precision to how the modern age would describe a nuclear event. Billowing smoke clouds, shock-waves, flames, and vitrified glass surfaces. However, these melted glass surfaces don't stop in the desert. They've also been discovered in ancient cities such as Catal Huyukin, in the Province of Piaui, forts in England, Babylonia, Death Valley, Arabia, Gobi, Mohave Desert, Norway, Canary Islands, and the list goes on without sufficient scientific explanation in most cases. 

A handful of researchers believe the ancient Scottish, English and Irish forts were possibly intentionally vitrified as a means of strengthening the fortifications, but they find problems with feasibility and resource allocation to achieve this type of castle defense. There are also quite a few solid stone structures similar to the forts that appear to be melted in some way with no reasonable scientific explanation. Pointing toward ancient atomic war does explain certain results such as glass crusting, but unfortunately there is not enough tangible evidence to support these claims. Even if, remotely, the vitrified forts and deserts were byproducts of meteor explosions in our atmosphere, why have they never been witnessed and why do we not have historical accounts of this but instead of mass destruction type events?

September 11, 2012

10,000 Year Clock, a New Age Mayan Calendar?

10,000 Year Clock Prototype 1 Designed by Danny Hillis Understanding our future requires a little ingenuity interpreting out past, but it also means examining what we are doing currently and how it's changing events to come. Just as our ancestors have taught us about their lives through megalithic structures, stone carvings and incredible artifacts, we are also leaving information for our distant descendants to discover and ponder in a similar light.

A monumental project to build a gigantic clock is underway in Texas which may provide exactly the same sorts of questions we currently ask of our ancestors, to generations of humans living 10,000 years from now. The 10,000 year clock is designed to last throughout the ages with a century hand that only ticks on the century, a millennium dial, and even chimes said not to repeat their tune once during the 10,000 year duration. Hi-tech ceramics, stainless steel, and stone components makeup components intricately designed to transcend generations while relying on fluctuations of thermal activity in the mountain for power. While keeping Long Now Time, the 10,000 year clock is also capable of providing the accurate time of day through visitor intervention. In order to save power, someone seeking the current time or audience with the clock chimes must ask the clock by turning its dials.

Looking at the concept behind this invention, it almost begs to wonder if that too was the purpose of such devices like the Mayan Calendar. A stone clock designed to keep time over 5,000 years but only decipherable through human intervention. Will our descendants pose the same question over the 10,000 year clock as we have over the Mayan Calendar? Does something lift altering occur the moment this clock ticks to its ten-thousandth year? Perhaps when the true purpose of the device becomes lost in time, will distant civilizations require an explanation for the device.

Time only tells what we program it to keep.

August 5, 2012

What Exactly is Time?

Is time is a delta, an agent of change? What is time? A means of measurement devised by mankind for keeping track and/or planning for things, fundamentally based on daily solar cycles, and the relativity of that measurement given the location of mankind to those solar cycles? Essentially, time is a man-made dimension based solely on the existence of our Sun and the position of the Earth relative to it, and then us, relative to our location on Earth, relative to the Earth's location from the Sun. Atomic clocks and other devices designed to count resonating particles and vibrations are only a means of exactly that, counting vibrations, with a set start based on again, the Earth and it's position relative to the Sun. For many thousands of years the Earth's position relative to the sun and other stars has remained constant enough to create devices that divide centuries into years into weeks into days into hours into minutes in seconds into nanoseconds. 

Theories based on applied physics state that if a person was able to travel at near the speed of light or faster (~98%), they could travel through relative time. For example, if you were to somehow travel at nearly the speed of light for 1 year covering a distance around 6 trillion miles toward Pluto and then back another 6 trillion miles to Earth, you would have leaped forward in time relative to the Earth as relative to the Sun.  Is this true?  If so, this simply means we physically carry time with us wherever we go, and as Einstein pointed out, time is indeed relative. Time seems more like a paradox phenomena because of this reason and traveling close to the speed of light really only affects the person traveling. Unfortunately it does not mean we could travel a certain speed in a certain way to go backward in time and visit the past of someone else, and for us (as the traveler) it only means our time is slowing down relative to objects or people traveling at slower speeds.

If a method of time travel is going to be uncovered, the concept of human time will need an overhaul as traveling to the past depends on accessing moments stored along the Universal Timeline.  Going to the future or back to the past will require different solutions than time created here on Earth based upon solar cycles, vibrating crystals, and measuring atomic particles.  Perhaps the way is through alternate dimensions, or wormholes, or by means of telepathy.  Maybe the answer is much more simple than ever as a means of projecting our thoughts into the physical realm to see the past as our brains have captured it.  In either way, discovering exactly how our time keeping relates to the Universal Timeline might help us answer one of the greatest mysteries of our universe.

July 31, 2012

44,000 Year Old San Material Culture

Bone artifacts reminiscent of the San bush people were discovered in an African cave, further solidifying a link between modern human behavior and that of the San hunter-gatherer ancestors nearly 44,000 years ago. One tool in specific, a poison applicator, marks a distinct change in cultural behavior by a surge in use of organic materials. Although evidence does exist of specialized stone work dating about 75,000 years ago, those artifacts are difficult to decipher and have yet to provide a link similar to the poison applicator tools recently reanalyzed.
The abrstract discussing these finds can be found at: PNAS San Material Culture

July 26, 2012

Perception is Truth

In today's modern world it's easy to lose touch with nature and our deep connection with the universe. Interactive cell phones and tablets have many people keeping their heads pointing downward, missing beauty as it's created in the heavens above, but during the same time electronic devices are teaching people about nature. Life strives to keep balance and this subtle connection between mankind, technology, and the environment is consistently reinforcing nature’s principal objective.

Understanding who we are and why we’re here is always a perplexing task. At certain levels this question smells deeply of paradox, where any pure and true answer will instantaneously pop us out of existence or severely alter the reality of others. The more we learn, the more questions we find. In fact, questions are an effect of the cause in this case, which constantly succeed in masking the true reality of life.

Perception is truth. How we see and make sense of reality is true to us and to our spiritual being. Without a connection between our minds and souls, the universe finds difficulty in communicating to us directly, it must struggle to rearrange events in life in order to clarify nature’s message. There is a deep connection between us and the universe beginning with the mind, body, and soul.

Maybe our existence, both spiritually and physically, is entirely by design as part of an everlasting cycle of energy. Perhaps seeking the truth about who we are is redundant in the sense that we already know through our own metaphysical presence. We must choose to accept reality as we perceive it and move on spiritually to the next level, to obtain a higher consciousness, interconnecting ourselves directly to our own subconscious realms.

June 8, 2012

Coral Castle Photo Tour

Journey through a 59 page full color photo tour of Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle. From the recent road trip to visit this magnificent garden, a wonderful photo tour experience through the megalithic stone creations of Ed Leedskalnin. How did a five foot tall 100 lb. man could move rocks weighing tons so easily and with such precision? Learn more about this monumental construction with J.C. Vintner's photo tour book, or view some of the Coral Castle photos, and even take a guided video tour through the rock garden.

May 9, 2012

All Known Existence

Contemplation of the day: 

Quantum physics suggests the existence of multiple universes and that mankind may be able to access these realms in the not too distant future. Usually these scenarios are played out with great advances in technology, super computers, and complex machines. Perhaps exploration in the quantum universe begins within a mind which already allows one to travel into the past and imagine the future.

Meditation and clairvoyant practices help condition the human brain into becoming a positive receptor for universal energies. By strengthening the subconscious link to the cosmos mankind might discover new ways of traversing the universe without leaving Earth. How this knowledge is attained remains a deeply philosophical idea. Each day is a step closer to knowing the truth.

March 6, 2012

SETI@home MysteryPile Team

BOINC Team Ancient Mysteries Interested in putting a computer to good use while you work or during idle time? SETI@home is one of many shared grid computing experiments designed to pool the resources of Internet-connected computers in order to interpret large amounts of data without waiting years for the results.

The software is fully configurable allowing specific resource allocations and at what time of day they're processing. A small percentage of the CPU and GPU can be dedicated to crunching numbers while the computer is in use, and a larger percentage can decipher between hibernation or all night long for newer energy efficient desktops.

The beauty of group computing projects is that anyone with an internet connected computer can help search for extraterrestrial life, solve complex mathematical problems, study the Earth's gravitational field, and much much more. University of California BOINC projects have published results and are categorized by specific research fields. We have been participating with SETI@home over many years privately. Recently, with a generous donation of a dedicated grid experiment research computer, we created a public team in hopes of inspiring others to join the search. For those interested in helping out, team Ancient Mysteries is very grateful!

February 15, 2012

Quantum Physics & Philosophical Thinking

A recent hot topic emerging in several online social groups deals with the idea of quantum physics and its tie to deep philosophical thinking. Mankind's next leap might be a journey into the mind instead of space travel as some SciFi gurus maintain as the next logical step in current technological evolution. Breakthroughs in thought-sciences and new philosophical thinking is beginning to change the way the world is perceived. Here is a quote from J.C. Vintner on the matter.

"The question of life is the biggest one of all and it's a wise decision to begin to look inward to understand ourselves to the fullest extent possible before we discover a distant civilization toying with technologies beyond our current capabilities. Until such an event occurs involving the discovery of life on another planet, solar system, galaxy, or even universe, it is probably best to understand just what we know and what that knowledge equates to. While walking a fine, delicate line, we must understand our position in the greater scheme of existence and the gravity of our thoughts. Everyone has philosophical capabilities, they just need to believe and the rest will be created."