March 6, 2012

SETI@home MysteryPile Team

BOINC Team Ancient Mysteries Interested in putting a computer to good use while you work or during idle time? SETI@home is one of many shared grid computing experiments designed to pool the resources of Internet-connected computers in order to interpret large amounts of data without waiting years for the results.

The software is fully configurable allowing specific resource allocations and at what time of day they're processing. A small percentage of the CPU and GPU can be dedicated to crunching numbers while the computer is in use, and a larger percentage can decipher between hibernation or all night long for newer energy efficient desktops.

The beauty of group computing projects is that anyone with an internet connected computer can help search for extraterrestrial life, solve complex mathematical problems, study the Earth's gravitational field, and much much more. University of California BOINC projects have published results and are categorized by specific research fields. We have been participating with SETI@home over many years privately. Recently, with a generous donation of a dedicated grid experiment research computer, we created a public team in hopes of inspiring others to join the search. For those interested in helping out, team Ancient Mysteries is very grateful!