March 29, 2014

Who Originally Lived in North America?

An arctic ice bridge is one way ancient settlers may have visited America tens of thousands of years before modern voyages. Evidence suggests native migration patterns followed ancient routes through Alaska and as far south as Colorado following the mountain range. With that in mind, it wouldn't be too much further, all considering, to venture into Central and South America as well, let alone spread out toward the Eastern countryside. Further examination of those 40,000 year old migration routes will help us understand the paths our ancestors followed to eventually build the foundations of the western world. We know there was a thriving human population in North America long before it was claimed as a new world by European explorers.

Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah by David JolleyTheories on Aztec origins for example, the mythical homeland of Aztlan, talk of a a great white land as the cultural point of origin. This pinpoints much further north than Mexica establishments in Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco after their arrival in Central America. Tracing through ancient maps, university professor Armando Sol-rzano believes the location could be in northern Utah. By the narrative, it's quite possible someone may interpret salt flats as a white land. Similar theories identify historic sites much further north, into Canada, to be part of the great land of white where the Aztecs originated. The naming of an Indian settlement in Wisconsin, Aztalan, is meant to represent the location we find in ancient lore, but artifacts found at the site later suggest a different tribe established the fort.

Further ideas bolster this concept by suggesting the critical similarities in creation myths between various ancient Indian tribes may have started from one source, only then to develop slight differences over time as tribes split off. Future archaeological evidence may confirm these theories by placing ancient cultures in the areas at the correct time. There is an interesting connection to the  40,000 year old Siberian-Arctic North American migration routes, and a sudden growth in human population, known as the second wave in expansion. The first wave dates to around 60,000 years ago as the time when modern humans began to migrate out of Africa to Asia, Europe and Australia. The second wave of population growth is thought to attributed to an adaptation for colder climate survival.

Migraciones humanas en haplogrupos mitocondriales

DNA migration mapping shows us macrohaplogroup M (ABCDX) followed an ancient route across the ice bridge between 10,000 to 30,000 years ago. On the same map, we see A concentrating in Central America, north United States, and northern Canada; with a smaller concentration residing in the Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico area. Given this evidence, it looks like Sol-rzano is on the right track by investigating Utah for the Aztec's place of origination. However, with the same DNA evident much further north, it remains to be determined if the great land of white refers to salt flats or snow.

March 3, 2014

Who Built the Pyramids?

In a documentary by Zahi Hawass, head of Egyptian antiquities at the time, Zahi examined exactly who built the pyramids with very exciting revelations for anyone interested in this inspiring time of Egyptian history. Hawass focuses on a burial chamber found, which he describes as the worker's tomb, found within proximity to the great pyramids at Giza. 

From evidence, accordingly, workers were treated similar to royalty as far as burial method, that they were not slaves or treated as slaves. An online article about this discovery claims it took 10,000 workers, who ate 21 cattle and 23 sheep sent to them daily, more than 30 years to complete the construction. According to a bone study, most of the workers had significant cases of arthritis and lower vertebrae problems. 

Pyramids of Egypt
The numbers state pyramid building was fueled by at least 229,950 cattle and 251,850 sheep over the 30 year period. On average in 2013 by the USDA livestock report,  consumers in the US ate roughly 0.0086 cattle, and 0.000675 sheep per person. Might add in here too, 0.0326 average pigs were also consumed per person during the period for reference. 

Pyramid builders averaged to 0.77 cattle and 0.84 sheep per person per year. This means Egyptian workers were comparatively and significantly, very much, well-fed for their efforts. On the other hand, it's quite possible either a number of workers are not accounted for, or there is a discrepancy in the food consumption numbers found in worker tomb hieroglyphs. Extra protein would be necessary for the work labor involved, however, does that necessarily equate to 3 lbs or more meat per day, per person?

As far as evidence of the building itself, again, Egyptian Antiquities tells us hieroglyphs in the tombs of workers and pharaohs explain the story, yet those stories often talk about the daily lives of workers, not specifically about the pyramid building itself. To me, I think this is where part of the problem is in deciphering true origination. Maybe the workers were responsible for renovating, not building the pyramids, as perhaps another culture built them long before the Egyptians. I agree, that if no solid evidence has been uncovered to show the Egyptians building pyramids, or a process thereof, how can Egyptology support the claim?

Perhaps by this, maybe it truly is that Egyptians inherited the pyramids instead of building them. They became the keepers of passed knowledge, the proprietors of masonry on an extreme scale. Given the tireless research performed by Egyptian Antiquities, I would like to believe they are correct in asserting the Egyptians built the pyramids. However, there is enough evidence, or lack thereof, to suggest alternative possibilities. It does seem very odd, on many levels, to build such monumental structures and not document how that happened. A discovery one day will likely change all of what we know about the Egyptians in a heartbeat, or maybe, the discovery has already happened and it's being kept from general public knowledge.

The closest evidence pointing toward Egyptians constructing the pyramids comes from a stone stele on the island of Sehel. Carved into the rock is Pharaoh Zoser, Imhotep, and God Khnum, who are associated with the first step pyramids built. Interesting it is, that even this monument brings controversial issues, considering no where is it mentioned the types of construction materials required or anything about building methods and quarry locations. There is a list of minerals in Zoser's dream to build monuments, but the list does not mention limestone, sandstone, or granite.

February 27, 2014

Ancient World Mysteries, the Experience

J.C. Vintner's Ancient World Mysteries Book Cover The completed series of J.C. Vintner's Ancient Earth Mysteries, available in one book with more insightful articles added. Included with the master works are never before told, first-hand accounts from Vintner's personal life, and how those accounts inspired his writing.

Journey and the experience. Life as we know it, and the world around us, continue to inspire an incredible amount of questions even after thousands of years of technical innovation. Discovering answers to those questions sometimes completely alter the understanding of who we are spiritually, where we came from, and what our future holds. From building amazingly complex structures to exploring personal enlightenment, unanswered questions are capable of motivating the most astonishing feats ever known to mankind. Throughout a lifetime we are faced with moments that forever change us.

In those moments we are given the opportunity to persevere; To adapt and overcome those obstacles placed before us. Contained within is a compelling, personal journey of clairvoyance experienced by the author, J.C. Vintner, in a transcendent rite of passage. The experience forever changed how Vintner understands mankind's place in the universe and prompted an extensive, ongoing research effort to explain the unexplained by means of relation and relativity. Along with Vintner's experience is the complete three volume ancient mysteries series including Ancient Earth Mysteries, Mysteries of the Universe, and Legendary Cryptids, expanded with additional research articles and notes. By opening pathways deep within the mind, expanding our perception of knowledge, and accepting alternative explanations to our existence, we may begin to recognize the ultimate beauty of our reality and the cosmos. Ancient World Mysteries explores these pathways by tapping into the knowledge of our ancient ancestors in search of a hidden truth able to explain our existence as one with the universe.

January 26, 2014

Question and Answer

What's the oldest mystery known to man?
The oldest mystery known to man, to my knowledge, would be that of the origin of the universe itself. Science theories suggest the idea of a big bang kicked off the creation of everything, and religion believes life is the ultimate creation of divine being; In either case, we do not have a definitive answer unanimously agreed upon by everyone.

Is there a name for the scientists who research and try to solve mysteries?
Personally I believe all scientists are solving mysteries and it's only the type of mysteries which differ from scientist to scientist, in essence the name would depend on the scientist's primary discipline or the subject holding the mystery. In the sense of an ancient mysteries researcher, disciplines tend to have a mixed background involving perhaps those of Archeology, Anthropology, Geomorphology, Geology, Physics, Cosmology, Philosophy, Psychology, Parapsychology, Cryptozoology, Ufology, and share a general interest in world history. Ultimately, ancient mysteries researchers try to look from outside of the box using a variety of disciplines to question and possibly discover different outcomes previously not considered by a scientist who focuses on one subject matter alone.

Who are they paid/sponsored by?
Many scientists are compensated for their efforts by organizations and supporters that benefit from their research; Some are paid for performing research, teaching, or think-tank problem solving while others are paid to enhance technologies and create innovations.

Have you ever experienced something akin to a mystery?
Yes, on several occasions. A few events when I was younger prompted me to ask more questions and it was then when I became most interested in ancient mysteries research. In the search for answers to unexplained phenomena, I discovered a plethora of information that I believe should be shared with the world.

What's the most popular modern mystery?
Although sighting history stems back for thousands of years, I believe unidentified flying objects and closely related phenomena such as crop circles are among the most popular modern mysteries; though Bigfoot may be very close in comparison.

How many people do you think have hoaxed things? Like some of the bigfoot sightings, or nessy?
It's difficult to say how many have created fictitious stories let alone understand the motivations behind doing so. Falsified encounters create disbelief among communities and are sometimes spread intentionally in order to cover up the truth by those who do not want the general public to know. Fortunately for those dedicated to discovering the truth, there are enough creditable, sincerely truthful, eyewitness reports with corroborated facts to support these types of events and encounters.

What in your opinion is the most puzzling mystery of all?
Life is the first, to me - To know why we exist. In all of my research and life experiences, not a single comfortable thought has put my mind at ease to understand why beings with such incredible intelligence capabilities have been left to grow on a floating rock surrounded by a giant bubble in the vacuum of space.

Is there some sort of official classification or title given to different types of mysteries?
Similarly to the names of scientists who study mysteries, the names mystery types tend to vary depending on the discipline they are most concerned with. This is a great way to classify ancient mysteries as it keeps them close to the root subject, but it also helps to add more scrutiny and further examination to that subject overall. Phenomena research has finally shifted focus over the years to grouping similar mysteries together in a larger picture, trying to see if there are explanations which might be responsible for some type of global effect.

How many mysteries have been solved?
Every solved mystery leads us to more questions and more mysteries, but to say exactly how many mysteries have been solved is indeed a mystery in itself.

January 18, 2014

The Emerald Tablet

Emerald Tablet of Hermes
Imagine a concept, that if Newton's dedication to the Emerald Tablet instead followed a different path outside the realm of alchemy and delved more into spirituality and its relationship between mankind and the world around us. As many scholars throughout the ages, Newton became obsessed with an idea that any element could be transmuted into any other element at the hands of alchemy, but the philosopher's stone quickly turned itself into a fantasy goose chase after discovering the shear level of complexity involved; Could a man ever possess the power Midas created in a chemistry lab? The following is a literal interpretation of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, and an alternative possibility of what his mysterious ancient text could be trying to tell us.

The tablet begins with:

Truly without deceit, certain, and most veritable.
That which is below corresponds to that which is above;
And that which is above corresponds to that which is below.

Purity. Either in the sense of a pure element, or for a soul to reach enlightenment, to be accepted into the heavens, and into an afterlife free from evil. As a herald, Hermes guided souls of the dead to the underworld and was also believed to bring dreams to mortals at night. It is possible these lines refer to a relationship of souls between the living and the dead. Those in the underworld were once above, and those above will in time be in the underworld.

To accomplish the miracles of the one thing;
And just as all things come from this one thing;
Through the meditation of one mind;
So do all created things originate from this one thing;
Through transformation.

Perhaps here is where Newton first noticed clues the Emerald tablet could be a secret reference, leading eventually to the conclusion of a hidden alchemical practice used to create the philosopher's stone. Literally the verse says everything comes from one and by means of transformation, but it's the line regarding meditation of one mind suggesting a more spiritual significance.

Its father is the sun; Its mother is the moon.
The wind carries it in its belly; Its nurse is the Earth;
It is origin of all.
The consecration of the universe;
Its inherent strength is perfected if it is turned into Earth.

In this verse a single statement jumps out, whereby the wind carries the origin of all in its belly. We know winds on Earth are capable of moving many different things, both living and inert, but the next line helps narrow it down by saying the Earth nurses it. If transportation of Earth is ruled out from the wind's belly, that leaves the possibility of either water, micro-organisms, electricity, or a type of radiation. Even to say, the Earth nurses it, may infer Earth's ability to absorb water. To early alchemists, in continuing along an alchemical sense, the first two lines translate as: Its father is gold, its mother is silver.

Separate the Earth from Heaven;
The subtle from the gross
Gently and with great ingenuity it rises from Earth to Heaven;
And descends again to Earth Thereby combining within its;
The power of both above and the below

Reading these lines from the tablet seems to point toward water being a key substance here. Earth and Heaven are indeed separate, and when looked at as a whole of the planet, water may also be a grossly overlooked subtlety vitally important to life as we know it. Water rises to the heavens in the form of evaporation and then falls back to Earth in the form of rain or snow. For either to occur, water molecules need to adhere to dust particles and micro organisms in the atmosphere, and it is at this point where water combines the power of both above and below. In an alchemical sense, one might interpret the Earth should now be physically separated from heaven, allowing the Earth to ascend and descend to obtain its properties.

Thus you will obtain the glory of the whole universe;
All obscurity will be clear to you;
This is the greatest force of all powers because it overcomes every subtle thing;
And penetrates every solid thing;
In this way was the universe created;
From this will come many wondrous applications;
Because this is the pattern;
Therefore am I called thrice Greatest Hermes;
Having all three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe;
Herein have I completely explained the operation of the sun.

Now it's to say, that by completing the tablet steps as an alchemy process we may find the ultimate knowledge, the answer to everything and how it's derived from one source, explaining how the universe was created. This is further bolstered by the suggestion of many wondrous applications, the discovery of a distinct pattern, and worded as an operation of gold. Yet, in a spiritual sense we find a similar outcome that in the deepest understanding of all things may we become clairvoyant and one with universal knowledge; Suggesting everything we know, and our souls, are entirely the byproduct of conscious mind and its source of light.