January 26, 2014

Question and Answer

What's the oldest mystery known to man?
The oldest mystery known to man, to my knowledge, would be that of the origin of the universe itself. Science theories suggest the idea of a big bang kicked off the creation of everything, and religion believes life is the ultimate creation of divine being; In either case, we do not have a definitive answer unanimously agreed upon by everyone.

Is there a name for the scientists who research and try to solve mysteries?
Personally I believe all scientists are solving mysteries and it's only the type of mysteries which differ from scientist to scientist, in essence the name would depend on the scientist's primary discipline or the subject holding the mystery. In the sense of an ancient mysteries researcher, disciplines tend to have a mixed background involving perhaps those of Archeology, Anthropology, Geomorphology, Geology, Physics, Cosmology, Philosophy, Psychology, Parapsychology, Cryptozoology, Ufology, and share a general interest in world history. Ultimately, ancient mysteries researchers try to look from outside of the box using a variety of disciplines to question and possibly discover different outcomes previously not considered by a scientist who focuses on one subject matter alone.

Who are they paid/sponsored by?
Many scientists are compensated for their efforts by organizations and supporters that benefit from their research; Some are paid for performing research, teaching, or think-tank problem solving while others are paid to enhance technologies and create innovations.

Have you ever experienced something akin to a mystery?
Yes, on several occasions. A few events when I was younger prompted me to ask more questions and it was then when I became most interested in ancient mysteries research. In the search for answers to unexplained phenomena, I discovered a plethora of information that I believe should be shared with the world.

What's the most popular modern mystery?
Although sighting history stems back for thousands of years, I believe unidentified flying objects and closely related phenomena such as crop circles are among the most popular modern mysteries; though Bigfoot may be very close in comparison.

How many people do you think have hoaxed things? Like some of the bigfoot sightings, or nessy?
It's difficult to say how many have created fictitious stories let alone understand the motivations behind doing so. Falsified encounters create disbelief among communities and are sometimes spread intentionally in order to cover up the truth by those who do not want the general public to know. Fortunately for those dedicated to discovering the truth, there are enough creditable, sincerely truthful, eyewitness reports with corroborated facts to support these types of events and encounters.

What in your opinion is the most puzzling mystery of all?
Life is the first, to me - To know why we exist. In all of my research and life experiences, not a single comfortable thought has put my mind at ease to understand why beings with such incredible intelligence capabilities have been left to grow on a floating rock surrounded by a giant bubble in the vacuum of space.

Is there some sort of official classification or title given to different types of mysteries?
Similarly to the names of scientists who study mysteries, the names mystery types tend to vary depending on the discipline they are most concerned with. This is a great way to classify ancient mysteries as it keeps them close to the root subject, but it also helps to add more scrutiny and further examination to that subject overall. Phenomena research has finally shifted focus over the years to grouping similar mysteries together in a larger picture, trying to see if there are explanations which might be responsible for some type of global effect.

How many mysteries have been solved?
Every solved mystery leads us to more questions and more mysteries, but to say exactly how many mysteries have been solved is indeed a mystery in itself.