June 21, 2013

The Ultimate Question

Contemplation of the day: 

Eventually we may ask ourselves the question, why? It's inevitable for a single, three letter word to help us discover more information about past events. The seed festering inside our subconscious patiently waiting to blossom through our curiosities, forever twisting and rooting deeply until an acceptable answer is found. It truly becomes the driving factor, we want to know why for everything, it's engraved in our DNA.

Modern science tends to compare life of today to our past for explanation, after all, we're a living example of what we once were. Then by that rule, our ancestors must have followed similar paths, constantly asking why. Just as we are fixated on the heavens today, so were our distant relatives, believing in an hierarchy beginning from gods and beings not of Earth. Why is the ultimate question a hash? The term attempts to encompass every possible answer, every possible possibility. Asking the question why might very well be mankind's original attempt at basic quantum physics, for there is a multitude of answers to one question, a hash of explanation.

This sometimes faces the ultimate retort, why not? Turning a primitive question of exploration into a psychological battle of understanding our existence beyond that of any conscious awareness. We may ask why is it our ancestors chose gods to believe in above other people. Were they really visited by extraterrestrials deserving of appropriate placement in the heavens, or did they believe certain individuals in ancient societies possessed ultimate abilities worthy of god-like status? Actually, it's not that uncommon in present time as some people worship and idolize celebrities - This is one explanation in the hash, but we know it's not the only one. Perhaps understanding the answer to why is understanding the answer of what we choose to believe.