February 17, 2013

Legendary Cryptids

Delve into a mysterious realm of legendary creatures, mythological beasts, and ghostly apparitions fueling the curiosity of society for thousands of years. Explore ancient oral traditions focused on unexplained spirits once held in high regard, revered and feared to a point of affecting the daily lives of our past relatives.

Discover how our ancestors transferred knowledge from generation to generation inadvertently influencing an array of sensationalized cryptids - Through works of thoughtful analytical articles by J.C. Vintner, understand how Cryptozoology and the world’s population is searching for the truth; For a discovery capable of forever altering the course of human history. Legendary Cryptids is a glimpse into this search, a means of personal exploration and interpretation of unknown creatures some believe to be roaming darker areas of the world we know.

Articles featured in J.C Vintner's book, Legendary Cryptids, have been added with permission to category on the MysteryPile website under a heading of Cryptids. This research covers Cryptozoology mysteries, with some famous legends and others lesser known to mainstream communities. Vintner explores possible solutions with innovative concepts for evidence and sightings of creatures science has been unable to explain to this day.